Zahira’s Boudoir designs and produces unique and sensuously intimate leatherwear creations, elegantly hand crafted in leather, to celebrate the feminine form in all it’s shapes and sizes.

In Zahira’s Boudoir innovative leather designs, femininity and power are strongly entwined, created for those who seek to freely express their individuality, and enjoy relishing the pleasures of glamorous and creative dressing up.

Zahira, originally a painter and multimedia artist, has always been striving to create art objects with a purpose, and to use the amazingly versatile medium of leather, effectively blending art and fashion to produce “wearable art”, seemed the ultimate endeavour.

Her artistic background clearly lends a distinctive approach to the craft, applying her skills to create designs that seek to express the powerful side of leatherwork, as well as featuring a sensuously elegant and distinctly feminine appearance, particularly evident in the “leather-lace” decorative work, where the application of highly skilled carving and tooling gives the leather a delicate lace-like impression.

Specializing in using thick leather for it’s great sculptural qualities, as well as using carving, moulding and embossing techniques, Zahira has also explored the use of leather as canvas for painting, which combined with Zahira’s Boudoir’s leather designs, really seems an exciting way towards stretching the creative boundaries between art and craft, and produce unique pieces of true wearable art.

Although most of Zahira’s Boudoir work is in the field of bespoke and made to measure creations, they also design a range of items which can be produced in greater volumes but still maintaining a high quality hand crafted finish.

Most notably, the Elasticated Corset Belts, a luxury redesign of the classic waist cinchers, proving an all around favourite across many dressing styles, as an easy to wear alternative to conventional corsets.

All of Zahira’s Boudoir creations are currently hand crafted in-house at Zahira’s London Docklands studio.