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Lingerie Buyer is THE leading industry publication. Since 1992 it has proven time and again to be the first choice for those companies wanting the latest information and inspiration. Also available at, Lingerie Buyer is constantly available for reference, ideas, contacts, news, features, forums and much, much more.

Providing information on the UK’s Lingerie, Hosiery, Swimwear and Nightwear sectors 8 times a year, a complete overview of the industry is provided within the magazine. Buyers throughout the intimate apparel market have come to rely on Lingerie Buyer for the quality and calibre of the information it provides.

Lingerie Buyer has been hugely successful in creating an unrivalled reputation for high quality articles, features and photo shoots. With the latest news, views, and opinion coupled with high production values, Lingerie Buyer has consistently proven itself to be invaluable to its readers and advertisers alike.

Going to every key buyer and decision-maker, Lingerie Buyer is read by people who really have the power to create change throughout the industry.

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