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Every retailer is determined to run a successful business, and at The Lingerie Journal, we are committed to developing an essential, reliable source to help make your intimate apparel retail business thrive.

The Lingerie Journal brings you expert advice, features, access to new collections and videos all geared to help you at your business and increase profits at your store (online and off).

Need to know how to market to men or leverage social media to your advantage? Read those articles here!

Retailers in this Industry now have a resource, an advocate – this is your publication!

We promise to listen to every Retailer and bring you the kind of articles, features and news you need to help your business thrive! If you have a story idea, concern, need help or just want to talk, please contact us.
You have a direct line to me, Luis Paredes, at

I want to listen to what’s important in your world and help your Retail business succeed!


Luis Paredes, Publisher

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