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Andrea Billard Haute Lingerie

Andrea Billard - Lingerie Designer
  • Sheffield
  • United Kingdom

Andrea Billard | Haute Lingerie is an independent luxury lingerie brand based in England. Launched in 2009 by Creative Director Andrea Billard, it has attracted extensive media interest in the UK, US, Middle East, South America and Europe. The fit and style of the AB-HL collections are designed to compliment ...

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Arabel Lingerie - Designer Lingerie
  • city n/a
  • United Kingdom

Hi, I’m Sarah. I design and hand make each and every piece of Arabel lingerie. If you have any questions or just fancy a chat please get in touch. Now, a little bit about what makes Arabel special… Designed For You Each piece is designed especially for petite women who are looking for sophisticated ...

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Blush Lingerie

Blush - Designer Lingerie
  • Montreal, QC
  • Canada

The Blush Story is a legend two generations in the making, the story of a father’s dream and his children’s desire to continue that vision. In 1959 Edward N. Ajmo launched his first fashion venture in Montreal. Upon the sale of the company, he established a second highly successful initiative in ...

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ELSE Lingerie

Else Lingerie - Designer Lingerie
  • Istanbul
  • Turkey

The whole idea behind ELSE lingerie is the effort to make a woman feel glamorous, confident and comfortable while carrying a special set of lingerie. This what makes “ELSE” something else. The key factor of the great quality of ELSE lingerie is that the whole pieces are hand-crafted, and created ...

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Empress Lingerie

Empress Lingerie - Designer Lingerie
  • Trenton, NJ
  • United States

Empress Lingerie is a fresh, new addition to the curvy lingerie industry and is looking to take luxe lingerie to the next level! Since bringing her initial idea to fruition in 2011, designer and petite plus model, Domonique Revere-Lincoln, is seeking to “Give Curves the Royal Treatment!” with lingerie ...

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FYI by Dani Read

FYI by Dani Read - Designer Lingerie
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • United States

FYI by Dani Read is luxury lingerie that’s not for the faint of heart. Founded by designer Dani Read, FYI by Dani Read first made its mark during Brooklyn’s Williamsburg Fashion Week in February 2011. The debut collection featured aggressive lingerie, erotic functional details, and suggestive ...

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Good Night Gilda

Good Night Gilda Designer Lingerie
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • United States

Good Night Gilda is a Los Angeles based boutique lingerie line specializing in larger cup sizes. The idea to satisfy the unfulfilled niche in lingerie that caters to bustier women came when Whitney Galitz, founder and CEO, was shopping for herself. As a full-cup customer, she never ceased to struggle ...

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Jenna Leigh Lingerie

Jenna Leigh - Designer Lingerie
  • New York, NY
  • United States

Jenna Leigh launched her eponymous lingerie and intimates brand in 2008. Key tenants of the brand are the perfectly melded superior fit fused with high-fashion designs, satisfying both the daily indulgence and special occasion looks while also filling a void in the market. Inspired by the beautiful people ...

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La Lilouche

La Lilouche - Designer Lingerie
  • Bangalore
  • India

La Lilouche is a Handmade Luxury designer lingerie & Bridalwear boutique that was born out of love of fashion, color & textiles with an emphasis on Elegant seductive boudoir & high end lingerie. Inspire women to be style conscious, trendy, flaunting their femininity and ...

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Lilly Wiggler Couture

Lilly Wiggler Couture
  • city n/a
  • Scotland

Born in 2009 from a love affair between Burlesque and all things vintage, Lilly Wiggler is all about creating modern luxury lingerie with the glamorous appeal of days gone by. This young, yet highly desirable design house has found its wondrous creations travelling all over the world; from Burlesque ...

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