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Arabel Lingerie - Designer Lingerie
  • city n/a
  • United Kingdom

Hi, I’m Sarah. I design and hand make each and every piece of Arabel lingerie. If you have any questions or just fancy a chat please get in touch. Now, a little bit about what makes Arabel special… Designed For You Each piece is designed especially for petite women who are looking for sophisticated ...

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Baci Lingerie

Baci Lingerie - Designer Lingerie
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • United States

Baci Lingerie, which gets its name from the Italian word “kiss”, is the new name for exquisite, highly desirable ladies’ lingerie, which will be officially presented to the public for the first time in April 2010 at the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. To test the acceptance ...

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DarkLure - Lingerie Manufacturer
  • city n/a, OH
  • United States

DarkLure is the leading Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Dropshipper of lingerie specializing in Corsets. Along with quality trendy products, our competency lies in providing best services to our business associates with automated processes, real time inventory updates and 24 hour customer support. To avail ...

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La Lilouche

La Lilouche - Designer Lingerie
  • Bangalore
  • India

La Lilouche is a Handmade Luxury designer lingerie & Bridalwear boutique that was born out of love of fashion, color & textiles with an emphasis on Elegant seductive boudoir & high end lingerie. Inspire women to be style conscious, trendy, flaunting their femininity and ...

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Westward Bound

Westward Bound Couture Latex
  • Devon
  • United Kingdom

Our endeavours, designs and kudos have enabled Westward Bound to grow in a considered, evolutionary manner to become a trusted international supplier of luxurious latex garments and much more. Our clothing adorns the world’s top fetish models and is highly regarded as being among the finest there ...

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Wolford - Designer Lingerie
  • Bregenz
  • Austria

Wolford has been in business for more than 50 years providing the best in luxury stockings, lingerie, swimwear and ready to wear collections. Based in Austria the company has boutiques in countless countries and boutiques all over the globe, with a list of firsts as long as its customers. Wolford has ...

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DirectorySexy offers a simple and easy to use interface providing intimate apparel professionals and consumers with a tool to find and research all things lingerie. Included in each entry are links to social networks, images, categories based upon lingerie styles, bra styles, corset styles, general lingerie categories such as Bespoke, Bridal and Sleepwear, as well as contact links and additional company information supplied directly by the company.

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